Our Story

FINU starts where passion meets precision and innovation meets imagination. We’re just kidding, that’s the garbage every other company would say. Our origin story is not very exciting but it’s real…

We’re a small veteran-owned company full of motorheads & gearheads, brand builders, tech dorks, product developers, crypto bros, and racing fanatics. We bonded over cryptocurrency and our shared love of all things racing, and within a few weeks decided to launch FINU. We have lived and breathed action sports and motorsport since like, forever. We are making better versions of products you use every day, and we’ve always got a few things brewing that you’ve never seen before.

We’re going to make rad stuff, we’re going to do rad things, and we’re going to push the limits of everything we touch in Automotive, Motorsport, Powersports, eSports, Drone Racing and anything else in this space. We will never be boring, extra medium, or forgettable as we improve your life through the products we build.

Death before Defeat