Sponsoring Program

Welcome to the FINU Racing Team - Fueling Passion, Powering Dreams!
Are you a real-life speed enthusiast or a skilled esports racer looking for the ultimate sponsorship? Look no further! FINU is revving up to support and elevate the careers of both virtual and real-life racers.

Why Join The FINU Racing Team?

Financial Support

We understand the financial demands of racing. That's why FINU is dedicated to providing financial support to help you focus on pushing your limits and achieving podium finishes.

Global Recognition

As a sponsored racer with FINU, you'll gain exposure to a big network. From esports tournaments to real-life racing events, we ensure that your talent gets the spotlight it deserves.

Exclusive Partnerships

Enjoy access to exclusive deals and discounts. Our network of partners is committed to enhancing your racing experience.

How to Apply

Ready to accelerate your racing career with FINU? Follow these simple steps

At FINU, we believe in the thrill of speed and the pursuit of victory. Join us, and let's blaze new trails together.
Are you ready to leave your mark on the racing world? Apply now, and let the journey to the podium begin!

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